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Visitor Initiatives

Here’s the question: Why should I attend MGS? What will I see that I haven’t already seen?
And here’s the answer:
You should attend MGS because MGS will be so much more than other shows.
Get used to hearing the “MGS” three-letter acronym. It’s going to take the gaming world by storm and quickly establish itself as the “must attend” gaming show of the year, because MGS is unlike any other gaming show you’ve ever attended. It offers a plethora of opportunities to do some real business!
Unlike other shows, which tend to focus simply on slot machines, MGS is a platform for everyone interested in doing business with the gaming industry to showcase their wares. MGS is all about Everything Gaming! Comprehensive, yet targeted. The show will feature exhibitors from six gaming industry sectors:
-Gaming equipment and accessories
-Casino fixtures and facilities
-Junkets and VIP clubs
-Promotions and memorabilia
-Entertainment and performance
-Food and beverage
View all the latest innovations in technologies, products and services in this veritable smorgasbord of everything gaming. MGS will see a wide range of companies bringing their exceptional products or services into the limelight.
Because of the wide range of exhibitor sectors, there’ll be an expectation of a wide range of buyers, which in turn will bring even more exhibitors! It really will be where the entire gaming world meets.
MGS is made by Macao, for Macao, Asia and the world. Those behind MGS are considered “insiders” of the Asian gaming industry and will be heavily supported by the regional players who don’t support other shows that are perceived as being organised by “outsiders”.  Network with the junket and VIP room operators you’ve heard so much about but never known how to meet.
Perhaps you could also consider becoming a summit speaker to share your expertise and build your company’s prestige, not to mention your own!
A special VIP Gaming Room with be set up to allow our privileged VIP delegates to test the latest slot machines. This will provide an excellent opportunity for the clients of equipment manufacturers to give first hand feedback to their suppliers.
A comprehensive MGS TV station will operate for the duration of the show – have the opportunity to be featured on TV, enhance your prestige and use the footage as future marketing collateral!
Many trade shows can be tiring and boring! But not MGS! MGS is fun!
Macao is known for being a fun place and MGS is no different! We are actively going out of our way to associate our brand with fun, excitement and all of the delights Macao has to offer. We want delegates to want to come back to MGS year after year, so we’ve planned an entertainment, networking and social calendar overflowing with parties and events.
There also be ongoing entertainment provided on the floor of the show. Entertainment and performance form one of the industry sectors of MGS, so expect to be wowed by everything Macao gaming operators and entertainers have to show!