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Exhibiting at MGS

Exhibiting your products and services at MGS is the most direct and effective means of reaching buyers from across Asia and the world. Where else can you expect to find so many top buyers in the one place?

Our extremely competitive prices for exhibitors also include some unique marketing opportunities bundled in. These include your company profile – including name, logo,description and contact information – featured on the home page of the MGS website; a one week banner ad on the MGS website; and customised email labels to help invite customers to your booth.

There is also a bonus opportunity for those who sign up before 31 July 2018 – one free news article in the MGS electronic newsletter.

Our prices start at HK$1,200 per square metre of raw exhibition space for Non-Gaming Industry exhibitors and HK$2,300 per square metre for Gaming Industry exhibitors (members), while a 3 metre x 3 metre (9 square metres) booth starts at HK$15,000 for Non-Gaming Industry exhibitors and HK$40,000 for Gaming Industry exhibitors (members).

Booths come with one printed fascia board, two spotlights, an information counter with two chairs, a rubbish bin and a power socket.

Please see the attached Price List and Application Form for further details.

Here’s the question: Why should my company be an exhibitor at MGS? Aren’t there already other established gaming industry shows around?
And here’s the answer:
You should be an exhibitor at MGS because once you understand what MGS is going to offer, you are going to L.O.V.E. it! And by L.O.V.E., we mean four words:

Lets examine them one by one.

Why will it be so lucrative?

It’s Asia – the world’s last great gaming growth region. Where the money is to be made. Think “low-hanging fruit”. MGS is the first major gaming show organized in Asia by Asian companies covering a broad spectrum of gaming products and services.

It’s Macao – the undisputed world epicentre of gaming and gaming innovation. US$38 billion Gross Gaming Revenue in 2012 and still growing fast. Six times bigger than Vegas. If you want to make a splash in gaming, you do it in Macao.

It’s massive buying power – The bulk of that US$38 billion GGR was spent on operating expenses – that could be revenue for your company! Gaming operators are constantly looking to increase revenue and reduce expenses. MGS will be the world’s most important avenue for gaming operators to find new technologies and better products and services to improve their competitiveness. Besides local buyers, qualified buyers from all over the world will attend MGS. With such strong buying power, exhibitors can expect healthy returns on their exhibition investment.

It’s in November – why does that matter? Because November is when most companies in Macao finalise their budget and their spending for the following year.

Not another gaming show! What’s so different about this one?

Get used to hearing the “MGS” three-letter acronym. It’s going to take the gaming world by storm and quickly establish itself as the “must attend” gaming show of the year, because MGS is unlike any other gaming show you’ve ever attended. It offers a plethora of opportunities for your company to shine – and of course do some real business!

Unlike other shows, which tend to focus simply on slot machines, MGS is a platform for everyone interested in doing business with the gaming industry to showcase their wares. MGS is all about Everything Gaming! MGS is comprehensive, yet targeted. If you sell anything gaming, you need to be at MGS. The show will feature exhibitors from six gaming industry sectors:

-Gaming equipment and accessories
-Casino fixtures and facilities
-Junkets and VIP clubs
-Promotions and memorabilia
-Entertainment and performance
-Food and beverage

Because of the wide range of exhibitors – expect a wide range of buyers!

Here’s your chance to shine a massive spotlight on your brand in the world’s most important gaming city at the world’s most important gaming show! Macao is where the entire gaming world meets! Remember, MGS is made by Macao, for Macao, Asia and the world. Those behind MGS are considered “insiders” of the Asian gaming industry and will be heavily supported by the regional players. There will be Asian gaming executives at MGS that wouldn’t go to other shows that are perceived as being organised by “outsiders”.

MGS will offer your company the opportunity to bring its exceptional products or services into the limelight by becoming a sponsor to increase your brand exposure. Also consider becoming a summit speaker to share your expertise and build your company’s prestige.

MGS will see you unlocking access to new, unexpected and affluent customers who were previously impossible to get to know! For example major gaming promoters (junkets) will be part of the show, both to showcase their services and to source better products and services. These are the pillars of the Macao gaming industry, generating the majority of Macao’s gaming revenue, and are normally known for their low-key approach to business.

A special VIP Gaming Room with be set up to allow privileged VIPs to test the latest slot machines. What an opportunity for equipment suppliers to get first hand feedback from their most important clients!

A comprehensive MGS TV station will operate for the duration of the show – have the opportunity to be featured on TV, enhance your prestige and use the footage as future marketing collateral!

But having a booth at a gaming show is just too expensive!

Not at MGS. MGS has extremely competitive pricing – to quickly establish itself as the “must attend” show of the year, MGS has pricing just a fraction of that of other shows.

You’re going to love that MGS has consciously said “NO!” to those overpriced compulsory support services that others shows impose. Macao-based SMEs even have the opportunity to receive Government subsidies! We’ll show you how!

Exhibitors will enjoy exemplary service from MGS. And don’t forget, with the Macao Grand Prix being one of our co-organisers, you can enter the Early Bird Grand Prix Lucky Draw!

But trade shows can be so tiring and boring!

Not MGS! MGS is fun!

Macao is known for being a fun place and MGS is no different! We are actively going out of our way to associate our brand with fun, excitement and all of the delights Macao has to offer. We want buyers to want to come back to MGS year after year, so we’ve planned an entertainment, networking and social calendar overflowing with parties and events for MGS delegates.

There will also be ongoing entertainment provided on the floor of the show. Entertainment and performance form one of the industry sectors of MGS, so expect to be wowed by everything Macao gaming operators and entertainers have to offer.

And of course MGS occurs during the Macao Grand Prix – just about the best time of year to be in Macao. Our lucky draw will give away 100 tickets to enjoy the excitement of Grand Prix thrills first hand. With all this partying, just make sure you save enough time to do some business!