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Why MGS?

1. MGS - The industry’s show

The world’s only exhibition run by the industry, for the industry

“Our exhibition is owned by the industry; organized by the industry; and for the benefit of the industry. It’s not there to make profit; it’s there to make progress.”

“MGS is not about a show’s profit, it’s all about our exhibitors doing business. ”

“MGS is about moving our industry forward through innovation and creativity; it’s not about a showfloor’s margins.”


2. MGS - The most cost-effective exhibition in the world

Keeping the prices low, without cutting corners
“We’re cheaper because it’s better for our exhibitors; not because it’s better for our balance sheet.”

“We keep our prices low so our exhibitors can focus on keeping their profits high.”

“MGS is products and progress. It’s not profit and politics. That’s why we’re low on costs.”


3. The only show backed and supported by the Government

The only show that works directly with and supported by the Chinese and  Macau SAR Governments
“Chinese politics is crucial to business in the entire region. Nobody Understands this better than MGS, and no one does more to bring the Government on board.”

“Working with Government? Just look at our supporting organizations.”

“When it comes to support - is there anyone better than the Chinese and Macau SAR Governments?”

“Can anyone else deliver this kind of political association, anywhere in the world?”


4. Unrivalled access to the largest untapped market in the world

The only show that can bring mainland China to the world
“Everyone wants to target mainland China; it’s the largest market in the world. MGS is the only route in.”

“Why would you go anywhere else to reach the Chinese market? Our members do business with this market everyday; they know the people, they know the language, they know the marketplace.”

“MGS is probably the most unusual meeting place in the world. The Chinese come here because they see it as a gateway to the international market. The emerging Asian territories come because they see it as a gateway to mainland China. And the world comes because they see it as a gateway to Asia. That’s why the show is so unique.”


5. Focused on product and innovation

MGS sits in the key buying time for businesses. That’s why product and innovation are at the heart of the show.
“MGS is for the buyers. This is when they spend their money. And this is why you get the top products and the new ideas at MGS. Timing is everything.”

“MGS, Vegas, London – the three shows sit in the key buying time. They’re together for a reason. It’s when the global industry stocks up.”

“MGS is about quality. The quality products; the quality ideas; the quality buyers. What more can you ask for.”


6. MGS: Representing the largest market in the world

Macau is the largest gaming and entertainment market in the world. MGS is the voice of this market.
“MGS is more than just a show. It’s the heart and soul of the marketplace.”

“Every business that makes Macau the largest market in the world is at MGS. In fact, probably every business that makes Macau the largest market in the world, has a stake in MGS.”