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Slot Experience Center

The Slot Experience Center (SEC) during MGS Entertainment Show - New Era Innovative Technology &  Intellectual Entertainment was a resounding success.  Slot professionals, enthusiasts, and even causal players enjoyed spending as much time as they like with their professional feedback given. 


To give our exhibitors additional input on which of their games is more popular with their clients, we have set up a Slot Experience Center at MGS. 

Each exhibitor can install some of their gaming machines into our Slot Experience Center.  MGS will invite casino VIP players, casino slot directors & managers, and other related people to visit our MGS Slot Experience Center.   They will get firsthand experience on game play and give their feedbacks to our exhibitors. 

Players rate the games on the following four categories:

  • Best Theme: 

  • Best Graphics: 

  • Best Music: 

  • Best Playing Experience: 

Exhibitor with the highest score on the category will win an award.  MGS will organize an award presentation ceremony to help boost exhibitor’s exposure at the show. 

MGS will also provide exhibitors with statistics and feedbacks that we collected from these players.  It will help to give exhibitors some insights on their games and serves as input for future game enhancement. 

Please note the following terms and conditions of our Slot Experience Center.  We are sure that this will be a great and rewarding experience for our exhibitors and VIP players as well. 
Please download the Application Form, fill in it and return to MGS by 12th October, 2018.