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Socially speaking: MGS widens engagement with Weibo


The MGS Entertainment Show has taken a lead role on China’s most popular social media network Weibo.


In the run up to MGS, the industry’s fastest growing exhibition on the world stage has stepped up its presence across the trendy microblogging website providing up-to-the-minute news and updates using the site’s famous emoji’s and hashtags.


Weibo currently has over 503 million registered users and is reportedly used by well over 30 per cent of all internet users across China but is growing in popularity across the globe, with international superstar Leonardo DiCaprio registering an account this week.

Alvin Law, Event Co-Ordinator at MGS, explained: “We have always maintained a strong presence across social media both internationally and throughout China. Weibo is a major opportunity for the show and its exhibitors to really engage with supporters of the show on Weibo.”

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