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Akira Kurita was born in 1959 in Japan. He joined HAKUHODO Inc. in 1983. He was a member of the Review Committees at The International Exposition Tsukuba Japan 1985 (Tsukuba Expo85), YOKOHAMA EXOTIC SHOWCASE89 (YES89), 1994 JAPAN EXPO World Resort Expo, 1997 Osaka Food Exposition, 1999 JAPAN EXPO NANKI KUMANO Theme Museum, Japan Flora 2000 Awaji Flower Expo and a producer of the other major exposition events. He was also engaged in the development of commercial facilities, resorts, museums, memorial halls and showrooms as a space producer. Additionally, he was involved in the development of the convention and exhibition business including worldwide motor shows. He has worked in the business of media content and live entertainment content as a media content producer since 2002. In 2003, he established Casino Entertainment Project, and took office as Representative in 2006. He has been in his current position as an IR (Integrated Resort) lecturer at the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Policy Research Council and the Democratic Party Political Affairs Research Committee since 2013. In addition, he has lectured extensively in economic circles, municipalities, academic institutions. He is also a visiting researcher at WASEDA University Comprehensive Research Organization Amusement Laboratory, a member of Japan Project-Industry Council urban tourism study group. He is qualified as an event operation manager of the first class of Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events.  

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