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Chio Iao Mak


        Mr. Tony Chio currently serves as the Team Coordinator of the Audit Department of Macao Gaming Inspection & Coordination Bureau, he performs feasible study and drafting on gaming machines regulatory requirements and technical standards and he is  the key member of the Committee of Macau Gaming Technical Standards.  Tony is also responsible of  the regulatory audit on gaming machines.  Tony earned his master degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA. 

Gaming Machine Regulatory Trend

        Following the pace of the liberation of the gaming industry in Macao SAR, the number of gaming machines and the income derived from gaming machines have increased steadily. To ensure the gaming regulations and technical standards are being complied, in addition to supervise all gaming machines via the point to point leased line system, the DICJ also perform on-site machine inspection regularly. In order to promote a higher level of efficient, comprehensive and independent supervision on gaming machines, setting up the CMS that is independent from casinos would be the trend of our supervision.  Meanwhile, the DICJ is constantly working on the regulatory requirements and gaming technical standards to strengthen the internal controls related to gaming machines.  The level of supervision on gaming machines in Macao SAR would be even more advanced through enhancing the requirements of the recognized testing laboratory and introducing a fine penalty system on non-compliance activities in the gaming industry.

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