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Making Macau Great: MGS Summit assesses United States successes and failures to improve Macau


Macau is often considered Asia’s equivalent to Las Vegas for its reputation as a gambling capital, but as the Special Administrative Region progresses towards delivering a more diverse economy the city hopes to learn from the Nevada hub’s wider tourist appeal too. As such, the MGS 2016 hopes to discover the distinct correlation between Macau and the USA, by discussing what lessons the SAR can draw from the American city’s successes and failings.


In a summit panel titled ‘Why Las Vegas is successful and Atlantic City was a failure and what Macao can learn from both’, an international line-up of speakers will discuss the benefit of reinvention, regeneration and revival for a renowned gaming capital like Vegas or Macau. The panel will also look at what ingredients led to Las Vegas making a comeback and whether those successes can be exported internationally to the same degree of success.


In addition to focusing on what has worked for the United States in Las Vegas, the session will also drill down on the failings of Atlantic City, and why the inevitable happened to that particular destination, as well as discussing whether there are warning signs which could help other territories such as Macau or other emerging markets in the Asia Pacific.


The panel will feature leading industry voices discussing the regulatory needs and economic conditions needed in Macau and will include Anthony Cabot, Partner at Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP, and Eugene Christensen, Chairman of Christiansen Capital Advisors LLC.


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