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MGS Entertainment Show in the Planning


During the opening ceremony at last month’s MGS Entertainment Show, Jay Chun, Chairman of the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA), and Yang Zhen, General Manager of Sina Games, entered into a strategic partnership to organize MGS Entertainment Show and summit in 2018. The Sina Asia E-sports Session will bring together video game developers, hardware manufacturers and industry speakers to further introduce Macau to the fast-growing world of e-sports. Sina will be mainly organizing the speaker and exhibitor lineup of the session, while MGEMA, with the expertise gained from five years of MGS, will operate and promote the show.


E-sports can make claim to being the biggest new sport to capture the public’s attention. In tournaments, professional teams compete in packed stadiums for multi-million (US) dollar prizes. The Olympic Council of Asia announced in April that e-sports would be a demonstration sport at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia and an official medal sport in the 2022 Asian Games in China. This is a tremendous boost to the acceptance of the competitions in the sporting world, and many have eyes on the sport’s eventual inclusion in the Olympics.


Macau’s venture into e-sports tournaments began this summer with the three-day CEC China E-sports Carnival at Broadway Macau and the four-day Girlgamer E-sports Festival at Studio City. Sina Games and the Macau E-sports Association are teaming up to bring more e-sports events to Macau, having formalized their strategic partnership at a ceremony on the MGS Summit stage. Macau’s extensive convention space and excellent tourism infrastructure make the city an ideal location for large-scale events, and the growing popularity of the sport, especially with the tech-entranced young, ensures that its star will continue to shine for quite a while.

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