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MGS Entertainment Show Summit Lineup


The schedule for the 2017 MGS Entertainment Show Summit is now available on our webpage. The MGEMA is pleased to announce that there will be professional speakers delivering the keynote speech at the MGS Summit.


The first day of the MGS Summit will be devoted to discussing the new smart-city model that is beginning to transform Macau, as it has already done in hundreds of cities throughout China. With presentations on new technologies like big data and data mining, cloud computing, and blockchains, the opening day of the summit will be a valuable look into the future of the development of cities and the ways people will interact in the new economic and entertainment environments.


The morning sessions of the second day of the summit will be supported by the Mobile Game Entrepreneur Alliance and Macau Electronic Competition Association, which will involve industry experts’ in-depth exploration of the mobile gaming market and the eSports technology in Macau. The afternoon sessions will be supported by Sinagames, and will cover eSports, the growing industry of individual and team competitions through human-computer interfaces. The day’s sessions will showcase insights into these rising stars in entertainment, with speakers discussing the technologies as well as the social implications of these platforms.


The third and final day of the summit will focus on next generation gaming. Speakers ranging from university professors to business consultants will give their perspectives on new regulatory measures, the evolution of gaming equipment, and new gaming jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region.


“The summit will piece together the process for building a model that will drive the Smart City, Smart Economy ethos across the world,” says Jay Chun, chairman of the MGEMA.


Please visit to register to attend the show and summit.

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