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Pulling Together After Typhoon Hato


As a local association with over 150 members, the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA) is saddened by the devastation inflicted last Wednesday by typhoon Hato, the strongest storm to hit Macau in 53 years. The storm took the lives of ten of our fellow residents, and we extend our deepest condolences to their families and friends. The people of Macau have begun to repair the damage to buildings and property, and, as many have said, the rainbow comes after the storm.


The MGEMA has been very concerned about the loss of life and the trauma the community has experience. We are proud of our members for their dedication to restoring Macau and for their commitment to the wellbeing of the residents of Macau. Working together before a second tropical storm threatened Macau just four days after Hato, volunteers, frontline responders and PLA soldiers performed rescue and cleanup operations and provided supplies to residents stranded by power and water outages.


Shortly after the T8 signal for Sunday’s storm had been lowered, cleanup efforts began again in earnest. Volunteers, frontline respondents, and residents were working together to clear the streets and walkways of downed foliage and strewn refuse. Walking the streets, one could see the optimism and unity that have come to define the people of Macau.


As we recover from typhoon Hato, let us remember that together we made Macau into a world center of tourism and leisure and by working together we will continue to improve our city and our community for the benefit of all residents. The MGEMA is proud to be part of the Macau community, and thanks to the people of Macau for their strength and hard work in the wake of Hato.

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