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MGS Entertainment Show's Jay Chun Interviewed by Macau Daily Times


As more manufacturers and service providers reserve their booths for the 2017 MGS Entertainment Show, expectations to surpass last year’s record 170 exhibitors are growing.


In its first year as a UFI Approved Event, the MGS Entertainment Show is coming into its own as an established trade show with a core of regular exhibitors. In his interview for the Macau Daily Times, Chairman Jay Chun of the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association said that the numbers of exhibitors, suppliers and visitors to this year’s show are expected to outdo last year’s numbers.


Turning his focus to his vision for an evolving and unique trade show, Chun said that the purpose of the show is to help the gaming equipment industry in Macao grow by highlighting a core of gaming equipment and related products but also expanding the focus to include the “creativity” sector. With the theme of Smart City: Innovation & Interactive, Chun has expanded the scope of the show to include new technologies for reaching customers.


Chun said that all local suppliers who can offer services to Macao’s integrated resorts are welcome and that with visitors from around the world expected to be in attendance, Macao exhibitors interested in expanding their business internationally should see the show as the perfect platform. With new gaming markets expected to open up in Japan, Brazil and elsewhere, Macao’s manufacturers are poised to benefit greatly from the expanding industry. Last year’s show brought visitors from over 60 countries, proving that the market for Macao’s gaming equipment manufacturers is truly an international one. “We see suppliers go abroad and selling not just to local integrated resorts but to other parts of the world,” Chun said.


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