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Taking the Important Policy to Promote Macau’s Place to the World


Speaking to the Macau Daily News, Chairman of the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA), Mr. Jay Chun, said earlier that this year’s MGS Entertainment Showwill put its focus on “The Belt and Road – Smart City”in order to highlight Macau as a key point of economic activity between southern China and countries in the South Pacific and Europe. With its advantageous location on the Pearl River Delta and its 30 million visitors annually, Macau is ideally situated as a trade and cultural platform connecting China to the rest of the world.


Chairman Jay Chun said, “The show this year emphasizes Macau’s favourable geographical location to connect the countries along the Belt & Road to major cities in China by promoting more diversified leisure and entertainment elements. With Macau being the trade and services platform between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking countries, we hope to attract visiting traders and businessmen both from Macau and abroad.”


As investment in the21st Century Maritime Silk Road amps up, Macau’s centuries-old role in connecting China to the Lusosphere is becoming more important. A city where the East meets the West, Macau is poised to benefit dramatically from economic diversification due to increased trade. In keeping with the Macau SAR government’s goal of diversifying Macau’s economy for greater sustainability, the MGS Entertainment Show is branching out to encompass areas outside of gaming, making it attractive to businesses operating in other jurisdictions.


With a broader focus on entertainment, MGS Entertainment Show will highlight innovation in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, e-sports and social games.

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