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MGS Promotion at ICE 2017


On February 5th representatives from the MGS Entertainment Show and MGEMA journeyed to London for their second annual appearance in the 2017 ICE totally gaming exhibition. The trip was a rewarding one as members from the MGS Entertainment Show successfully fulfilled their aim to keep relations with existing clients, form new relationships with new customers, and to promote this year’s MGS Entertainment Show that will commence mid-November.

During the three days of ICE, representatives from MGS set out to assist the members of the MGEMA, where they toured the floor of the exhibition, meeting new clients from one appointment to another which was organised in cooperation with the media crew at ICE.

The MGS Entertainment show was also in association with the annual VIP cocktail party. 


Over 200 people attended the cocktail event which was more than the previous year’s turn out of attendees. Among those attending were CEO’s, government representatives/regulators, gaming operators, and world renowned experts in the gaming industry.  

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